18JAN2019 Guest lecturer 'Presidential Elections 2019 Ukraine'

Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of History and Art History - MA International Relations in Historical Perspective. Sweelinckzaal, Utrecht, The Netherlands 

14DEC2018 Guest lecturer 'Caught in the Middle: Security and Stability at the Fringes of the Russian Federation ', Free University of Amsterdam

Free University of Amsterdam, Department of Politcal Sience and Public Administration, Master Program' Peace & Conflict Studies; From Theory to Practice', Institute of Social Resilience - IOVIS Centre for Peace & Conflict, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10DEC2018 Guest Lecturer '70 Years Universal Declaration of human Rights: Standing up for Equality and human Rights' NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden

Commemoration of 70 Years Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Thorbecke Academy, European Studies Programme, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

20NOV2018 Guest lecture 'Global Diplomacy: Current Paradigm Shifts in Diplomacy and Security', Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, School of European Studies, Maastricht, The Netherlands

23OCT2018 Guest Lecture 'Security and Defense at the Fringes of the European Union', Utrecht University

Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of History and Art History - History of International Relations, Janskerkhof 15a, Utrecht, The Netherlands

28SEP2018 Guest lecture 'The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals / UN 2030 Agenda', Tilburg University

Tilburg University, Tilburg School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Master Program Global Management of Social Issues, Tilburg, The Netherlands

14SEP2018 Key-note Speech First Delegate Meeting 2018 United Netherlands (UNL), Radbout University Nijmegen

'The Past as a Source of Conflict: Diplomacy and its Power to prevent Conflict and War'. Meeting and Conference Center Soeterbeeck, Ravenstein, The Netherlands

17AUG2018 Speaker 'CISV Storytelling' CISV Global Conference 2018

CISV International - Inspiring action for a more just and peacful world. Global Conference 2018. Eindhoven Conference Centre, Hotel NH Koningshof, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

28MAY2018 Speaker on International Diplomacy, SIB-Groningen/DUNSA Annual Diplomats Dinner

SIB-Groningen / Dutch United Nations Student Association (DUNSA) at Groningen University, Annual Diplomats Dinner. Academy Building, Bruinszaal, Groningen university, Groningen, The Netherlands

11APR2018. Speach "Hybrid Warfare at the Fringes of the Russian Federation” at the Prof. Kooy Symposium 2018

Royal Netherlands Institute for Engineers (KIVI), Military and Defence Branch, Annual Prof. Kooy Symposium themed “Disinformation, Manipulation and Destabilisation”, Gen-Maj Koot Military Barracks, Stroe, The Netherlands

24MAR2018 Speaker "Women's representation and The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals" - Annual European Meeting ThaiPride Association

Commemorative event on the occasion of International Women's Day at the Annual European Meeting of the ThaiPride Association, Women/s Empowerment Event, Bar "Nice", Amstelveen, The Netherlands

20MAR2018 Speaker "Shift in Geopolitical Powers: a Tug of War in Eastern Ukraine"

"En Pluche", Association of female lawyers working as full-partners in Dutch and international law firms, "Le Garage en Pluche", Amsterdam, The Netherlands

20DEC2017 Panelist 'Women, Peace, Security' at Conference 'Sweden and the Netherlands in the UN Security Council - Areas of Cooperation'

An event hosted by the United Nations Association of Sweden (UNA Sweden) and the Netherlands Association of the United Nations (NVVN / UNA Netherlands), in cooperation with UGlobe, the Utrecht Centre for Global Chalenges, and the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden Law School. Leiden University Wijnhaven Building The Hague, The Netherlands

12NOV2017 Guest speaker 'A Kind Angel of Peace', The Scots International Church Rotterdam

Topic: "A Kind Angel of Peace" after the Donetsk/Ukraine-basded peace monument by sculptor Peter Stronsky at the International Ecumenical Peace Service, Scots International Church of Rottterdam, The Netherlands

12OCT2017 Guest lecture 'Multilateralism in Modern Warfare' at Utrecht University

Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of History and Art History - History of International Relations, Janskerkhof 15a, Utrecht, The Netherlands

15SEP2017 Key-note Speech First Delegate Meeting 2017 United Netherlands (UNL), Radboud University Nijmegen 

"Successful negotiatons: the road to getting the best outcome for yourself and your opponent". Radboud University, "Huize Heyendael", Nijmegen, The Netherlands

22JUN2017 Speaker on the occasion of the Thirty Years Anniversary of 'Festival Mundial'

'Mundial in the Classroom'; thirty years multiculture and music festival 'Festival Mundial', Cinecitta, Tilburg, The Netherlands 

10JUN2017 Speaker Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

"The United Nations Security Council: Structures and Reform in support of International Peace and Security", St. Anthony Church Community Buidling, Utrecht, The Netherlands

17MAR2017 Guest Lecture Tilburg University, School of Social and Behavioural Studies, Department of Organization Studies

"The making of Borders in the current Global Context: Separation of Distance and the Process of Borderization", Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands

10MAR2017 to 12MAR2017 Guest Lecturer Bergen University Course on Democratisation and Election Observation

SAMPOL601 Course, Bergen University in Co-operation with the Norwegian Resources Bank for Democracy and Human Rights (NORDEM). Bergen University, Bergen, Norway

08MAR2016 Key-note Speech International Women's Day, Netherlands Armed Forces Women's Network (Defensie Vrouwen Netwerk)

"Women, Peace, Security: female bearers of international peace and security", National Military Museum, Soest, The Netherlands

06SEP2016 Key-note Speech First Delegate Meeting 2016 United Netherlands (UNL), Radboud University Nijmegen 

"Successful negotiatons: the road to getting the best outcome for yourself and your opponent". Radboud University Conference Centre "Soeterbeeck", Ravenstein, The Netherlands

20JUL2016 Guest Lecturer 'Cold War, Conflict and Collision in the pan-European Energy Sector; Spheres of Influence in the Context of Armed Conflict'

The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Summer School 2016 "Change Your World". The Hague, The Netherlands

20JUN2016 Speaker 'Monitoring Democratic Development in the Context of Instability' at Groningen University

Groningen University, United Nations Student Association (SIB-Groningen). Groningen, The Netherlands 

25MAY2016 Guest Lecture 'Approaches to Peacebuilding: Peacebuilding and Displacement', Radboud University Nijmegen

Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

17MAY2016 Guest Speaker Netherlands Society for International Affairs (NGIZ) / Academisch Genootschap

Guest Lecture on European Neighborhood Policy and International Security, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

12MAY2016 Guest Lecturer Fontys University of Applied Sciences, International Event, Music & Entertainment Studies (IEMES)

Guest Lecture on trans-border security issues in a globalized work. Fontys University of Applied Sciences, IEMES Faculty, Fontys Campus Stappegoor, Tilburg, The Netherlands

08APR2016 to 10APR2010 Guest Lecturer Bergen University Course on Democratisation and Election Observation

SAMPOL601 Course, Bergen University in Co-operation with the Norwegian Resources Bank for Democracy and Human Rights (NORDEM). Bergen University, Bergen, Norway

03APR2016 Opening Speech Wageningen Children and Youth Symposium "Peace and Freedom"

Symposium organised by Wageningen Municipality, Wageningen University and "Master Peace - Creating Peace Together". Wageningen University, Orion Building, De Spot, Wageningen, The Netherlands 

07MAR2016 Guest Lecture Leiden University The Hague Campus

Guest Lecture "Crossing Borders: Challenges in Eastern Europe's Borderlands and Border Regions". Leiden University / The Hague University, International Peace, Law and Security Programme. Campus The Hague, The Hague, The Netherlands

03MAR2016 Guest Lecture 'Separation of Distance: Conflict and the Process of Borderization in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus', Leiden University

Leiden University, Faculty of Social Sciences. Pieter de la Court Building, Leiden, The Netherlands

05NOV2014 Pannelist at 'Night of the United Nations' Event

Annual event to commemorate the International Day of the United Nations, 'De Rode Hoed', Amsterdam, The Netherlands

03NOV2014 Speaker 'Peace and conflict in Ukraine'

LSE Alumni Association Netherlands (LAAN) - Alumni Network of the London School of Economics, Restaurant 'Eerste Klas', Amsterdam, The Netherlands

03NOV2014 Speaker 'The 2014 conflict in Ukraine'

PAX - Peace, are you in?; La Place Conference Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands 

30OCT2014 Key-note speech 'UNSCR 1325 in the Context of International Peacekeeping Missions'

Dutch Armed Forces, Women's Network (Defensie Vrouwen Netwerk - DVN), Dumoulin Military Garrison, The Hague, The Netherlands

03SEP2014 Guest lecture '25 Years OSCE (1990 - 2015). Historical and Contemporary Challenges to International Security and Co-operation'

Utrecht University, History of International Relations Department, BA Course 'From Cold War to EU', Utrecht, The Netherlands

25AUG2014 Speaker 'The Faith Factor: how unequal Elections disadvantage Religious Minorities'

34th World Congress of the International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF), Birmingham University, Edgbaston Campus, United Kingdom

03MAY2014 Speaker 'Ukraine: People, Power, Politics'

Tilburg University Model United Nations, Tilburg, The Netherlands

28MAR2014 Speaker 'International Career Opportunities in Political Science'

ISMUS - Student Association for Students in Political Science. ISMUS Annual Career Day, Nijmegen University, The Netherlands

08MAR2014 Key-note speech 'Women in Ukraine; through Women's Eyes'

Public speech on the occasion of International Women's Day 2014 for the Ukraine Society The Netherlands. Royal Palace 'Loo', Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

06MAR2014 Guest lecture 'International Election Observation in te Light of Democratic Development' 

Master Programme Constitutional Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

20FEB2014 Introductory speech 'The Russian Federation's - and its near abroad - contemporary Geopolitical Challenges'

Netherlands Society for International Affairs (NGIZ-South), Academic Association Eindhoven, The Netherlands  

17FEB2014 Guest speaker Zonta Netherlands

Zonta International service organization for advancing the status of women. De Gouverneur, Waalre, The Netherlands

05FEB2014 Preparational track HarvardMUN & BelgradeMUN 'United Nations behind the scenes: letting your negotiations work for Global Justice and Peace'

Leiden University, Plexus Buidling, Leiden, The Netherlands

14DEC2013 Speaker 'Thinking Globally for Fundamental Human Rights'

Wageningen Intercultural Working Group - IWW, Solides/De Nude, Wageningen, The Netherlands

10DEC2013 Speaker 'Protection of Fundamental Human Rights in the Russian Federation'

On the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Amnesty Netherlands, Parkstad Chapter, Luciushof, Heerlen, The Netherlands

25NOV2013 Speaker 'Georgia: People, Power, Politics'

United Nations Student Association / SIB Groningen, Society Building Hereweg, Groningen, The Netherlands

21NOV2013 Speaker Symposium 'The Strength of a Woman'

On the occasion of the 115th Anniversary of the Dutch Women's Council, Museon, The Hague, The Netherlands 

11NOV2013 Speaker 'Behind the Scenes of the United Nations'

Debate event on the United Nations, organized by the Young Democrats, Florin, Utrecht, The Netherlands

31OCT2013 Speaker 'Women on a Mission' (UNSCR 1325)

'Women on a Mission' event hosted by the Dutch Armed Forces. Female personell deployed to International Peacekeeping Missions / Monitoring Missions, Dumoulin Military Base, Soesterberg, The Netherlands

11OCT2013 Speaker 'Equal Power, Lasting Peace', Peace Conference Wageningen

'Places of Peace', National Committee Commemoration 1945 Capitulations (NCHC), National Comittee 4 and 5 May, Wageningen City Hall, The Netherlands

10OCT2013 Speaker 'The United Nations Post 2015 MDG Agenda'

Dutch Youth Council (NJR), Utrecht, The Netherlands

03OCT2013 Speaker 'Azerbaijan's Presidential Elections - What Future for the Caucasian Lands of Earth, Wind and Fire?'

European Parliament, ALDE Group Seminar 'Azerbaijan's Presidential Elections - what Future for the Land of Fire?', in co-operation wit the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) on the 09OCT2013 Presidential Elections in Azerbaijan, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

26SEP2013 Speaker 'Peace Education: Building an Architecture of Peace'

Universal Peace Federation (UPF) The Hague, Christus Triumfator Church, The Hague, The Netherlands

24SEP2013 Speaker 'One-hundred Years of Peace and Justice at Peace Palace The Hague' 

Rotary Club The Hague - Kijkduin, Cafe Blossom, The Hague, The Netherlands

21SEP2013 Speaker at PAX 'Peace Night' 2013

On the occasion of International Peace Day 2013. Speaker/Network Cafe on International Civil-Military Intervention, Raza, Utrecht, The Netherlands

21SEP2013 Speaker 'Women and Democracy' at 'Salon Women, Peace and Rule of Law'

The Hague Peace Conference Commemorative Event, featuring the work of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Bertha von Suttner, Kurhaus, Scheveningen, The Netherlands

11JUN2013 Speaker for the Women's Fraction of the Russian United Democratic Party 'Yabloko'

Russian United Democratic Party's Women's Fraction. Round Table Session. Yabloko HQ, Moscow, Russian Federation 

05JUN2013 Speaker 'United Nations Peacekeeping'

Thorbecke Academie, S.G. Trias Politica, NHL Hogeschool, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

23MAY2013 Speaker 'Geopolitical Landscape of the Commonwealth of Independent States: a Soviet Legacy'

United Nations Student Association Leiden University (Studentenvereniging Internationale Betrekkingen, SIB Leiden). Kamerlingh Onnes Building, Leiden University, The Netherlands

22MAY2013 Chair 'Act for Peace', Ambassadors for Peace Annual Event

IKV Pax Christi, Meeting Plaza, Utrecht, The Netherlands

25MAR2013 Speaker 'Fifty ways in which the UN works'

Gymnasium 'Huygens College'. Eindhoven, The Netherlands

23MAR2013 Speaker 'Facilitating the Democratisation of Developing Nations facing difficulties regarding Elections'

Haarlem Model United Nations. Haarlem, The Netherlands

12MAR2013 Speaker 'The Role of External Observers at Elections'

Adelbert Vereniging. HCR De Postelse Hoeve, Tilburg, The Netherlands

11JAN2013 Speaker 'The Russian Federation's Level Playing Field at the United Nations'

United Netherlands, Academic organization for International Relations and Diplomacy. Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

11DEC2012 Speaker Symposium 'Women in Warzones: Peace Lords for Change'

Release and implementation of the Dutch National Action Plan (2012-2015) on UN Security Council Resolution 1325: 'Women: Powerful Agents for Peace and Security'. Hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Ministry of Defence, WPP Women Peacemakers Program, HIVOS People Unlimited, Oxfam Novib, Cordaid, WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform. Paard van Troje, The Hague, the Netherlands.

10DEC2012 Speaker 'Fixing Failed States; can we mend what has been broken?'

Netherlands Atlantic Association. University of Amsterdam, CREA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

02NOV2012 Speaker 'Youth and the United Nations'

Rabobank and Netherlands Youth Council 'World=U' Youth Initiative, Rabobank Croeselaan Utrecht, The Netherlands

16APR2012 Speaker 'Migration within the European Borders'

Soroptimist International, Os, Hordaland Chapter, Norway

21DEC2012 Speaker at 3FM Serious Request on the adverse Effects of War and Conflict on the Life of Women

Het Glazen Huis Leiden, The Netherlands.

14NOV2011 to 16NOV2011 Speaker at Course on International Peacekeeping Operations on the African Continent

Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Netherlands and Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael. Instituut Clingendael, The Hague, The Netherlands

03NOV2011 Speaker at Symposium 'Christians and the Arab Spring'

Hosted by IKV Pax Christi, Geertekerk Utrecht, The Netherlands

10FEB2011 Keynote speaker 'Conflict prevention and the role of Women'

United Nations Association the Netherlands (UNA), The Hague University, The Hague, The Netherlands

23OCT2010 Keynote speaker 'Women, Peace and Security'

Fall Gathering for Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW Perth and District), Ottawa, Canada

14OCT2010 Speaker 'Democratisation and Peacebuilding' at Fordham University

Rose Hill Campus the Bronx, New York City, United States

02OCT2010 Keynote speaker 'Women, Peace and Security'

Fall Gathering of Dutch Union of Soroptimists Clubs. Regardz Meeting Centre Eenhoorn, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

30SEP2010 Speaker at Arc Mundi Public Debate '(Migrant)women, Politics and Governance'

In co-operation with COS Nederland and Diaspora Forum Development. Tilburg City Hall, The Netherlands

16SEP2010 Speaker Symposium 'Women and Armed Conflict'

Stichting Nationaal Erfgoed Hotel de Wereld, Aula Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands

16SEP2010 Opening speech at Photo Exhibition 'My School is my Future - Women and Education in Afghanistan'

An exhibition of photographic work of Gitta van Buuren with images of Afghan women and (informal) education. Ariane Foundation (Study Fund for Afghan women), Wageningen Public Library, Wageningen, The Netherlands

27MAY2010 Speakers corner at Women's Podium (Vrouwenpodium) 2010 'Making a Future together'

Hosted by Dutch Women's Council, FNV and LOM samenwerkingsverbanden. Parliament Building (Oude Zaal Tweede Kamer), The Hague, the Netherlands

21MAY2010 to 22-05-2010 Keynote speaker 'Empowering Women to form Alliances that create a Culture of Peace'

Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP), Europe Conference, City Conference Centre, Dresden, Germany

15MAY2010 Speaker 'The Impact of Migration on Families around the World'

On the occasion of the United Nations International Day of Families, event hosted by the Universal Peace Federation, Christus Triumfatorkerk, The Hague, The Netherlands

08MAY2010 Speaker at 'Mother's Night'

Project by NCDO, COS Brabant and the Province of Northern-Brabant on maternal mortality, women's rights and the Millennium Development Goals, Parallel program at Het Patronaat, Tilburg / Stadhuis Breda, the Netherlands

28APR2010 Speaker at 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Dutch Branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Gerardus Majellakerk Amsterdam, The Netherlands

15APR2010 Speaker at opening of 'Feniks', Municipal Centre for Emancipation

Tilburg, The Netherlands

27MAR2010 Speaker and Workshop Leader 'Women of Power'

At ICCO / Edukans Changemaker Event, Seats2Meet, Utrecht, The Netherlands

23MAR2010 Speaker 'Women's Rights'

Rotary Club Tilburg-Oost, Boerke Mutsaers, Tilburg, The Netherlands

09MAR2010 Speaker 'Women's Rights'

Rotary Club Triborch, Klein Speijk, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands

04MAR2010 Speaker 'The United Nations and Democracy Support'

Rotaract United Nations, Ronald Mc Donald House, New York City, USA

05FEB2010 Speaker 'The Development of Education in Fragile States'

Africa Development Platform, Academy for Journalism.Tilburg, The Netherlands

05FEB2010 Speaker at 'Vrouwen Ontmoeten Vrouwen' (Women's Network)

Debate on the topic of women in elective positions. De Foyer / Theaters Tilburg, Tilburg, The Netherlands

11DEC2009 Speaker at Exhibition Opening 'Portraits of Mayors'

BAZN Academy for Public Administration. Tilburg, The Netherlands

28NOV2009 Speaker '2010 Parliamentary Election in Burundi' on the occasion of Burundi Diaspora Day 2010

Burundi Diaspora Day, Almere City Hall, The Netherlands

05JUL2009 Speakers Forum at Civil Society Summit

Pannel including Mrs. Ludmila Alexyeva, Head of Moscow Helsinki Group, Andrei Sakharov Institute and Museum, Moscow, Russian Federation

21APR2009 Speaker 'From Reconciliation to Peace'

International UN Year of Reconciliation. Academy for Public Administration, Tilburg, The Netherlands. In co-operation with United Nations Association The Netherlands

17NOV2008 Speaker 'Democratization and Dialogue in Post-Conflict Regions; offering Peaceful Perspectives'

University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In co-operation with Netherlands Society for International Affairs (NGIZ)

21OCT2009 Speaker 'Intercultural Results deriving from Student Exchange' 

Wereldpodium 'De interWationalisering van het hoger onderwijs', Villa de Vier Jaargetijden. Tilburg, The Netherlands

22JAN2008 Speaker 'Peace Education: Education for Peace'

Technical University Eindhoven Centre for Peace (TU/e Vredescentrum), Multidisciplinary Centre for Technological Innovation to enhance Peace & Security. Eindhoven, The Netherlands

17NOV2007 Keynote speaker 'Bruggen van Erasmus' (Erasmus's Bridges)

'Huis van Erasmus; voor een vreedzame wereld', in co-operation with Rotterdam Municipality. Bibliotheektheater Rotterdam, The Netherlands

08JUL2007 Key-note speaker 'Inclusion, Exclusion; Dealing with Intercultural Group Dynamics and overcoming Entry Barriers'

The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Youth Assembly 2007. Lycée Français, The Hague, The Netherlands

15MAY2007 Speaker 'Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences'

Biblioplus lezing. Openbare Bibliotheek, Cuijk, The Netherlands

20MAR2007 Speaker Symposium on Global Citizenship 'Kosmopolis: het Ei van Erasmus'

Erasmus University Rotterdam, in co-operation with 'Huis van Erasmus', Rotterdam, The Netherlands

15FEB2007 Speaker 'The role of the United Nations in International Peacekeeping on the African Continent'

The Sierra Leone Youth Initiative (SLYI), Carre Zaal 16, Tilburg, The Netherlands

01FEB2007 Speaker 'World Citizenship; Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World'

Fontys University, Faculty of Paedagogics. Tilburg, The Netherlands

25JUN2006 Speaker 'Restorative Justice: Principles for creating a Culture of Safety, Respect and Acceptance'

World Peace Forum, Vancouver, Canada

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